Kaiapoi band rotunda

Location: In Trousselot Park, 33 Charles Street, Kaiapoi

The Kaiapoi band rotunda was built in 1908 by Paynter & Hamilton Ltd and designed by Thomas Keir. It cost  £119.16s and was based on the design of the Rangiora band rotunda, also by Thomas Keir, and now sits on its third site.

It was built in Darnley Square (near the current swimming pool car park) and was opened at that time by Mayor J H Blackwell. 

Its second location (after a deputation of ratepayers request for the rotunda to be in a more central location), took place in 1913 to Raven Quay.

Its third location is in Trousselot Park and was moved there in 2003. Over time, the use of the rotunda had decreased in Raven Quay and it was also subject to vandalism. It is now in a suitable location in a centrally located park by the Kaiapoi Riverbank, large enough to hold major events, in an aesthetically pleasing surround with the large trees and Scott Rose Garden.

On 20 November 2011 the Landmarks Team, in conjunction with the Kaiapoi Brass Band, celebrated the historic significance of the Kaiapoi band rotunda. Another 'Landmarks' plaque was presented to a great building in Kaiapoi on a beautiful, sunny day.

The Kaiapoi band rotunda has a Historic Place Category II registration.

  • Kaiapoi band rotunda - then
  • Kaiapoi band rotunda - now
  • Kaiapoi band rotunda - plaque