Rangiora Courthouse

Location: 143 Percival Street, Rangiora

This is the only courthouse to be built in Rangiora. Constructed of brick and limestone, this building was opened in 1893 and became a 'growth industry'. On 24 September 2008 there were 103 cases set down to be heard.

It was designed to house the Magistrate's Court, which, until then, sat in the Rangiora and Mandeville Road Board office, which was on the site of the Graeme Smith Unichem Pharmacy in High Street.

The contract to build the dedicated courthouse was won by G Thompson for the sum of £717.

William Crichton, who worked in the Government Architect's Office and designed a very similar courthouse in Kaiapoi, is believed to have also designed this building.

The building was extended twice and until recently continued to serve the needs of the district. The building was closed in December 2011 for earthquake strengthening. The Ministry of Justice made the decision to transfer Rangiora court services to the Christchurch District Court and the Rangiora District Court was officially closed on 31 March 2014.

The courthouse was given Landmarks status in 2003. It has a Historic Place Category II registration.

Magistrate's Court Rangiora

Excerpts from Criminal Record Book 1864 – 1865
8 December 1864
(first ever entry)
Offence – Cutting timber on Crown land
Regina by Police vs E B Walker Penalty Fined £1
  Summons fee 2s 6p 
  Mileage 18s
27 March 1865 Offence – Assault
Regina by Police vs Paul Bain Penalty Dismissed

Prosecution to pay costs £1 15s 2p
27 March 1865 Offence – Abusive language
Regina by Police vs R Chapman Penalty Dismissed with caution
18 May 1865 Offence – Rescuing cattle when lawfully seized for the purpose of being impounded
Regina by Police vs John Wheeler Penalty Fined 5s

Summons fee 2s 6p

Costs 2s
1 June 1865 Offence – Stealing timber from wreck
Regina by Police vs Tom Hayman Penalty Committed for trial
13 July 1865 Offence – Having possession of an unregistered dog
Regina by Police vs J P King Penalty Fined £1

Summons fee 2s 6p

Mileage 16s
13 July 1865 Offence – Driving stage coach without a licence
Regina by Police vs E B Walker Penalty Fined £2

Summons fee 2s 6p
9 October 1865 Offence – Permitting stallion to cover in public place
Regina by Police vs James Cooper Penalty Dismissed with a caution
15 October 1866 Offence – Lunacy
Charles XXXX vs Martha XXXX Penalty Committed to lunatic asylum
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