Masonic Lodge

Location: The Masonic Lodge building was located at 132 Percival Street, Rangiora, across the road from the Rangiora Library

The Masonic Lodge, consecrated in 1882, was designed by the local Masonic committee and built in a Gothic style.

Present at the 1882 consecration were 115 Freemasons and a special train was run from Christchurch for the occasion.

The consecration itself was done with a "sprinkling of corn, wine and oil with the full Masonic Rites".

Over the years, the Lodge saw some of the district’s most influential citizens pass through its doors.

"If you look at the honours boards of past masters you’ll recognise a lot of the names because they are street names in Rangiora. These were prominent people." (Mr Chris Dyer, Tuesday 1 August 2006.)

Inscribed above the door within a triangular plaque are the words A.L. 5885. This refers to the Masonic year in which the lodge was built. Masons of England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany and the United States of America date from the creation of the world which they take as being 4004 years before the year one, calling it "In the year of Light". The Lodge was built in 1881 (1881 plus 4004 equals 5885).

This building had a Historic Place Category II registration and was given Landmarks status at a ceremony held on 1 August 2006.

The Masonic Lodge building suffered significant damage in the September 2010 earthquake and was demolished in September 2013.

  • Masonic Lodge - then
  • Masonic Lodge - before demolition
  • Masonic Lodge - plaque