Rangiora Museum

Location: 29 Good Street, Rangiora

On 27 May 2003 the Rangiora Museum was recognised as a Landmarks building on the day the town celebrated its 125 year birthday, that is, it was formed as a borough 125 years ago.

The museum is the third building to receive a plaque in the town recognising its heritage value.

In 1881 local builders Boyd & Keir began building the Bank of New Zealand on the corner of Ashley and High Streets. To do this they first had to shift Cone’s butcher shop which stood on that same site, to the corner of Albert Street. The building of this bank held up the asphalting of the footpath between Ashley and Good Streets which was the Borough Council’s first experiment with asphalt.

This bank building was demolished in 1967 and the top storey was dismantled and re-erected on the site of the old gravel pit in Good Street by the Rangiora and Districts Early Records Society. It is now the Rangiora Museum.

The Rangiora Museum building has a Historic Place Category II registration.

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