Parrott's building

Location: 42 High Street, Rangiora

The Parrott's building was originally constructed in 1892 as a grocery store-cum-family home for Ernest Joseph Parrott, a grocer, tea dealer and provision merchant, and his family. It was designed by John Forbes and built by Wadey & Forbes of wood and brick. The cost of the construction was £550.

By 1894 it had one of the first telephones in Rangiora.

The Parrott's building and its inhabitants have a history of close involvement with the Rangiora community - in 1919 general election results were posted on the upper shop windows and projected with lanterns onto a verandah screen. The crowd that gathered to see the results numbered in excess of 2000.

The Parrott's building was given Landmarks status at a ceremony held on Wednesday, 27 July 2011.

  • Parrott's building - then
  • Parrott's building - now
  • Parrott's building - plaque
  • Inside Parrott's building 1968